By Way of an Introduction 


Mermaids. Motherhood. Mayhem. MilSpouses. What is all this? What is going on? What does it all have to do with each other?

Mermaids. Well. We know we’re not really mermaids, those fantastic mythical creatures of either great beauty or great revulsion, depending on the culture telling the story. The affinity between sailors and these particular mythical beasties goes back centuries. So when we tell you that mermaid decor is big in our circle of friends and acquaintances, you maybe won’t be surprised when we tell you that we married brother Navy submariners. Yep. So, we just like mermaids. We live in Hawaii at the moment. One of us even did a super cool mermaid photo shoot at a pretty beach out here.
Motherhood. We both have daughters. One is an infant and one is a toddler but we’ve really bonded over being mommies. And we both feel that it has been the biggest challenge of our lives and we have a lot to say. There are many topics we want to delve into—to vent frustrations or to explore ideas or to share experiences. Expect lots of motherhood writing.

Mayhem. This one is easier to explain. This is a crazy life and it just seems to get crazier the more we live and learn. There. Done.

MilSpouse. A shortened version of the term military spouse. We are Navy sub spouses. We are uniquely qualified to speak on being submarine spouses. But we don’t claim to know everything about it. And we don’t have the same experiences as spouses in other services. What we do though, is find our own way of adapting to military life. There are many good things and many bad things. We love our submariners with all our hearts. Sub spouse life has given us lots of adventures and we’ll tell you all about it.

So there you have it. We’re two women, related by marriage, bonded at the heart, a little shy and introverted, but we have things to say. So we’ll just put our words out here for you.

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