The Pros of Deployment?

A submarine deployment isn’t usually fun. Sure, there are ups and downs, for the crew and the families, but I’m not sure it could ever be called fun overall. But why focus on the downs? I’ve been trying to come up with a few of the silly positive things I’ll get to enjoy when my husband deploys.

Please note, I mean these to be mostly nonsensical and upbeat. By no means do I ever want my husband away from me for that long. But I have to find the silver lining somehow. Focusing on how lonely I’ll be doesn’t do any good.

1.) I’ll get the whole bed to sleep on. Much as I love a good cuddle, I tend to toss and turn in my sleep. This creates a nice cozy spot of blankets, a burrito of blankets if you will, for me to sleep in, which means I require all the blankets and pillows and room on the bed for myself. At the very least, I’ll get to spread out and not worry about disturbing my Sir.

2.) The shower head will always remain in place. This is a small matter. I don’t usually even complain about it. But it occurred to me this morning, that I’ll be able to get in every morning and not need to move the shower into the correct spot.

3.) Fewer loads of laundry. Somehow, the laundry never ever ends. I never seem to catch up. Perhaps while he’s away I will be able to? Eh. Probably not though. But a girl can dream, right?

4.) I can eat peas again! My Sir hates peas. He’ll only grumble a little bit if I add them to a stew where they can be sort of hidden behind chicken or beef, but I have stayed away from making a side dish of peas. And grits. All the foods I make will be the ones I like. Yummy peas!!

5.) I’m having difficulty coming up with a fifth item. I guess it’s hard to come up with silly silver linings. I know I’m very intimidated by this deployment. Everything will fall to me: raising our daughter, cooking, cleaning, decisions, routines, emergencies, all of it. I have been building up my support system though. I knew this was coming so I have been trying to make new friends and join new activities so that we’d already have a built in village.

Still, the burrito covers are nice!

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