So Much to Say…


Reunited and it feels so good!

It’s been TOO LONG of a break from writing, y’all. I apologize. It was a LONNNNNG deployment. And then my husband came home and we had to figure out how to live together again. We’ve changed. We’re not the same people we were. I think we were both in “survival mode” during this deployment and it showed after homecoming. And then after that, we moved across the world, it felt like. So some of this time away, I was just too tired to write. Or too lazy. Or too busy. Or without Internets. I have had some ideas of topics to write about mulling around in my brain, but for one reason after another, I just never got to my laptop or my computer or my tablet. Really what I’m saying is I had no excuse. But, as one character in one of my all time favorite shows (How I Met Your Mother) says, “Let me just get on the online so I can Internet.”

So let’s start over, sort of, shall we? I have big plans for writing more frequently, on a more regular basis. I’ve had a few topics in mind. Deployment is a big one, which you aren’t surprised that’s on my mind if you’ve been keeping up with me. My daughter just turned two, so I have new thoughts on motherhood to share, and more experiences to relate. I’ve just completed a cross-ocean, cross-country move, so I’ll definitely be writing about that. I’ve got a whole lot to¬†unpack (haha, get it?) on that topic. I even have some ideas of having guest writings from some friends too.

Long story short, I am not dead. I have just been terribly lazy with my writing lately and I will make sure to stop that now. Promise!

But yeah, I live in the South now, so I’m gonna go have some peach pie and head to bed. Night!

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